Because of the volume of customers at Halloween time our procedures have to be slightly different than the rest of the year.
If you pay an extra $10 per costume, you can extend your costume rental for up to one month and return on Nov. 1st.
If you book prior to Oct 1st, you can have the extended rental without paying the extra $10.
halloween costume rentals victoria bc
Starting Oct 1st you can rent just accessories, wigs or pieces of costumes for Halloween time, but they cannot be critical pieces. What is a critical piece? You will probably have to ask about specific items but examples would be the Mad Hatters hat is critical, and nice pirate hat is not. Cruella DeVille's wig is critical, a long black gypsy wig is not, anything that is so specific that its absence would make it impossible to rent the remaining costume.
If you just rent accessories, wigs or pieces of a costume you pay an extra $5 per 3 items when the total is under $25 and you take the pieces with you right away and return Nov 1st.
Any accessory rentals over $25 are just treated like a regular extended rental where you pay an extra $10 to return Nov 1st.

The rest of our policy is pretty much the same as always.
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