About Us

About Us

Maureen Cue, owner and Chief Fun Officer, studied liberal arts and theatre in university. She found her greatest passion and enjoyment in costumes.

With the guidance and support of a great mentor in an established costume business, Maureen worked with her learning the industry. Her mentor’s wish to help Maureen establish a business was fulfilled by her family and Maureen opened Disguise the Limit Costumes in 1992.

A modest inventory loaned by her mentor’s family allowed Maureen to create and sew replicas, to which she has added thousands of costumes over the years. Maureen and her team give clients the opportunity to don a persona and have fun. After all, isn’t that what ‘playing dress up’ is all about!

What our customers say:

“As the Artistic director for the Theatre Royal in Barkerville,
I count on Disguise the Limit to provide costuming on a
budget. Maureen is fast and gets pieces to me when I need
them; I cannot count the number of emergency calls over
the years. Maureen has solved challenges quickly and
saved my bacon many, many times!
Disguise the Limit Costume Rentals literally have
everything you want in a costume rental shop: excellent
stock, hundreds of choices, and top notch service.”
~ Amy Newman, Artistic Director, Theatre Royal